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Circuit Court Clerk's Office gets new software system
Posted on 9/22/2011 10:46:40 AM

The first computer upgrade since 1992 is taking place at the offices of the Carter County Circuit Court Clerk.



For the past few months, technicians from Icon Software, a company out of Suwanee, Ga., have been installing its Windows-based performance system.  The new system places all court documents into digital form and onto the internet.

Once the system is fully operational, the public will have acces to court documents on the office's new website,

Administrative Assistant Johnny Blankenship said citizens will be able to view court dates, fines, court dockets and other basic information.  Citizens will also be able to pay citations online.

Members of the public will not have access to personal informations, such as social security numbers.

Court officials will have access to all information.  Judges, court clerks, law enforcement and attorneys will have unlimited access to court documents.  Warrants, affidavits, motions, petitions, and other documents will all be replicated and available by computer.

"It keeps things from being lost," said Icon owner Marty Hahn.

Prior to implementing the new system, court documents were only available by paper.  Hahn explained that documents are regularly moved from place to place, sometimes making it difficult to find them.

Clerks in sessions, criminal and juvenile courts will now scan the documents and enter them into the system.  Once in the system, they should never be lost.

In addition, Hahn said an off-site backup system is available.  Data will be stored in the back-up system in case technical errors occur.

Blankenship said money for the new system was previously allocated with no additional costs to taxpayers.

Icon has been in operation since 1984.  The company currently operates in six states in the southeast, New Mexico and Maine.

"This is the first time we have gone into Tennessee," Hahn said.

The company has about 175 customers and operates court case management systems.  Hahn and his employees began working with the office of John Paul Mathes in May.  Icon employess will continue to assist the Circuit Court Clerk's Office for the next few weeks.  Icon will then be able to monitor the system from its Georgia office.

When attempting to visit the new website, be sure to type in